Two New Works by Wim Klever

Kort voor Sinterklaas verscheen op de Spinozawebsite Necessarily Eternal een bericht over twee nieuwe uitgaven van Wim Klever.

Het ene, getiteld John Locke (1632-1704). Vermomde en miskende Spinozist, werd op dit weblog al aangekondigd (hier) en besproken (hier). Daarnaast verzorgde Klever een Engelse publicatie over

                      Franciscus van den Enden
                      Free Political Propositions 
               And Considerations of State (1665)

                              Text in Translation,
                  the Relevant Biographical Documents
               and a Selection from Kort Verhael (1662)

Introduced, presented, translated and commented on

                                               Wim Klever

Scholars know already for a century that  Franciscus Van den Enden was for Spinoza much more than a teacher in Latin and a friend. Plenty of contemporary writings indicate clearly that the atheistic master was the inspirator of Spinoza’s naturalistic philosophy. In 1992 the discovery of the political treatises of Van den Enden opened a new period in the interpretation of Spinozism, especially on the field of political theory. They showed that Radical Enlightenment, only prepared by Descartes’ physics, really started with the revolutionary educational practice, philosophical disputations and political activism of the genius Van den Enden. Spinoza must have been fascinated by the ‘mastermind’; he developed in his treatises (TTP, Ethica, and TP) the theories, which were already severally present in Van den Enden’s works. The international discussion about the precise relation between the famous and decried twin philosophers, which rages in the last decade in the secondary literature, can now for the first time be founded on textual evidence. This book contains the English translation of one of the most original and renewing underground texts in the history of Western civilization. 

Wim Klever, emeritus professor of philosophy Erasmus University Rotterdam, published various Dutch translations of and commentaries on Spinoza’s work and many interpretative articles. Some of his recent titles are: Mannen rond Spinoza. Presentatie van een emanciperende generatie 1650-1700 (Hilversum 1997), The Sphinx. Spinoza reconsidered in three essays (Vrijstad 2000), Spinoza classicus. Antieke bronnen van een moderne denker (Budel 2005), Boerhaave ‘sequax Spinozae’ (Vrijstad 2006). Forthcoming is Apple and Worm. John Locke’s Philosophy as a Disguised Spinozism.

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