Enige Spinoza-cartoons

De volgende cartoons die ik recent tegenkwam moet ik nog toevoegen aan de verzameling cartoons en illustraties in dit blog. Ik plaats ze, opdat u ze kunt zien, eerst hier.

Deze is van ene Papeto uit Colombia.



ha ha ha haa!!! Oh God, what was I thinking? TTvTT
Anyway, it's supposed to be Benedict Spinoza, with his pipe and his yarmulke and one of his lenses. Those ugly rolling pins are supposed to be the Torah, and that big blotch to the right? It's the cloak he was wearing when he was attacked with a knife one night. It is said that he kept it afterward, as a reminder of what people will really think of his work if he's not cautious.
Why the halo, you ask? Because most, if not all, accounts of his life indicate that he was virtuous, almost inhumanly so. He had a big mouth sometimes, and didn't enjoy the company of fools at all, but other than that he was friendly and kept up a lot of correspondence with many people throughout his life.
In case it isn't glaringly obvious already, no, I did not use a single reference in drawing this. It was scribbled in bed last night, mostly as a practice session to get reacquainted with my Sharpie.

St. Spinoza by ~slaadfingers

                                                      * * *  

Van PanPanMomo is deze afkomstig

Niet echt een cartoon, maar deze 'wallpaper'-collage moet ik toch ergens kwijt.

"Spinoza by *reddartfrog
Customization / Wallpaper / Political                   Peace is not an absence of war, 
                 it is a virtue, a state of mind, a
                 disposition for benevolence,
                 confidence, justice.
                                         Baruch de Spinoza

This wallpaper is Peaceware. If you use it please do something to increase the peace, to stop War, Genocide and Hatred."

                                                  * * *



Die van Papeto bevalt mij het best: Spinoza als een guerilla-soldaat met gevaarlijk scherpe pen. Hij heeft haast en kijk ongeduldig. Er is ook veel te bestrijden.